Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Relay | China

Relay is a Beijing-based creative production company that’s focused on video production for tech startups and disruptive brands. In particular, the startup aims to help Chinese companies communicate effectively with Western audiences, who often play a key role in the success or failure of startup crowdfunding campaigns.

2. Igloohome | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Igloohome has developed a smart door lock that features integration with Airbnb. So, as a host, once you receive a confirmed reservation, the service automatically generates a code and sends it to the guest, who gains entry into your property without you lifting a finger.The smart lock also works without wifi.

3. Stayzilla | India (Startup Profile)

Accommodation startup Stayzilla boasts 55,000 properties, including homestays, across 4,000 towns in India – some, in places where not even a rail line exists.

4. Lynx Analytics | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Big data analytics startup Lynx Analytics’ business-to-business services run the gamut, from data analysis and insights to execution based on those insights. Where it differentiates from other big data analytics companies is in using graph theory and a proprietary graph engine in order to process and analyze data from various sources.

5. Twiggle | Israel (Startup Profile)

Twiggle]( has developed a platform for ecommerce search based on artificial intelligence (AI). It uses knowledge graphs and natural language search systems. Its algorithm makes search more intuitive, effective, and better suited for mediums such as mobile search, voice-based search, and conversational interfaces.

6. FinAccel | Singapore

FinAccel lets you buy things online on credit, so no money is transferred before the product arrives. You can then pay in installments, which helps further alleviate doubt because you don’t have to commit to a large investment at once.

7. Loop | Singapore

Loop hopes to offer a seamless experience across multiple co-working spaces and startup hubs in Asia and beyond. Its members will have access to spaces and, more importantly, communities anywhere they travel.

8. Smartkarma | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Smartkarma provides analysis and context about Asian markets to help institutional investors make their decisions. The information comes from experts, including investors themselves, business analysts, and even data scientists who post their views on the platform in exchange for a payout.

9. Skipmenu | Hong Kong (Startup Profile)

By using Skipmenu users are able to see all the options directly on their screens and don’t have to wait for a robotic voice on the other end of the line to spell it out for them. By navigating through the options visually, they’re able to connect with a human in a couple of minutes.

10. Dverse | Japan (Startup Profile)

Japan’s Dverse wants to get designers involved in architecture and civil engineering with its new VR content creation software, Symmetry. With the software, users can also convert 3D models made by engineers into VR content to work with.

11. Moka | Indonesia (Startup Profile)

Mobile point-of-sale startup Moka replaces traditional cash registers with a cloud-based point-of-sale system that runs on iOS and Android devices. Moka also enables small businesses to accept credit card payments without going through the long application process at the banks.

12. Trax | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Trax wants to change some of the world’s largest distributors and retailers of such items. The company has developed computer vision tech that allows fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) suppliers to keep track of their products on retailer shelves.

12. BookMyShow | India (Startup Profile)

Mumbai-based event ticketing company BookMyShow lets users buy movie tickets online and offers movie-related content and ratings.