Research quality businesses
by Levi Leyba

Read the previous lesson 02 article here.

In lesson 02, I was able to decide what type of white label business to start after completing the Starting a Business Strength & Weakness Analysis that you can download here.  The white label business that I decided to start would be a mobile app development business.  I know that mobile apps are hot right now and to be able to not only have a business that revolves around this, but a business that is new to me I can show how to start is even better.

After searching for mobile app development white label companies, I was able to quickly narrow my selection down to 3 companies.  The process I used to narrow down my selection was quite easy.  After having a short list of companies, I Googled each one and started reading forums with what others had to say about them.  I kept notes in my composition book (highly recommend getting for not only note taking but to keep at your nightstand for when you get those awe inspiring ideas in the middle of the night).  The three companies that were part of my selection in no particular order are below:

Then I started to reach out to each one of them.  Some had the ability for me to do online chat, and others had me complete a form for them to call me back so I can get a live walk through of their software.  The basic questions that I asked them are below:

  1. What’s the ability to push to Apple and Google?
  2. Type of support provided.
  3. Service/tech related calls, who takes care of them?
  4. How long in business?
  5. Examples of white label customers to see their site first-hand.
  6. Are you locked in a contract?

Two of the three companies really stood out for me personally.  Those two were AppFoundation and BuildFire.  The open dialogue I had with them was great.  They answered all my questions and were open to me pitching my idea of starting a business for my readers to follow.  Knowing that I was doing this business for my readers, I decided that when the business starts to make money, I will use the profits to donate to Veterans who want to start their own business.  This can be in the form of paying for educational literature, online classes, or other fees associated with starting a business.

After some consideration and receiving the green light from the company that was on the top of my list, I decided to use BuildFire and their system.  What put them on top was the fact that they were located here in the United States, specifically in San Diego.  This is great because when I have questions, I can easily call during the day or if my wife and I are visiting family, we can always stop by to say hi (and even grab a beer or two)!

Now the fun starts!!  In the coming lessons, I will be not only testing their product but also knowing my competition, planning for the success of my white label business, and much more!  This is going to be a great ride with hopefully more ups than downs.  I’m getting excited Biz Army!!

The next post that you will see will be inside the Preparing to Launch a White Label Business—Chapter 2: Learn about who your competition is and what they are doing wrong – Lesson 04.

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Till next time Biz Army…