Why go online vs brick and mortar with starting a business?
by Levi Leyba

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When we think of someone starting a business, we often have these visuals of a person or a group of people coming together with an idea.  An idea to either offer a service or to provide a product that everyone will be wanting.  Starting a business was and still is a dream for many of us.  What prevents most people from moving on their dreams of starting a business is often all the complications they think they will have to learn or deal with.  The legal business structure, the paying of taxes to the IRS, the insurance, the employees, the location, the securing of an office space.  All of these, believe me, can be a scary thought.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be scary? What if I were to hold your hand in this process and show you the shortcuts when it comes to starting a business?  You will be with me when I run into obstacles.  You will see when I fail and what I do to learn from that failure. The idea behind all this stems from a book I wrote in 2007 on how to start a business.  For obvious reasons, that book is now really outdated because so much has changed in our life.  For one, no one thought that social media would be this big.  Well, maybe some of the bright ones did.  Realistically, I just jumped on the social media bandwagon just a short time ago as of this writing. With these changes, brings many opportunities that our parents and their parents never had.

Back to those scary thoughts on starting a business. With the internet, we do not need to feel afraid with starting a business because whatever it is we need help with nowadays, is online. How many of you Googled a solution for how to cook that meal, or searched online for directions to that restaurant.  Our parents weren’t so lucky to have this at their disposal and this is why we are at an advantage.  We can do use these resources for starting a business.

By starting a business online, we have the ability to start a business quicker, for less costs, and for less frustration.  If we start an online business and it does not work out, there’s no rent that we are in a bind for paying because of that 1 or 2 year contract we signed a lease for.  If we start an online business, we can choose the time to work on it and do not need to be open from 8am to 9pm.  An online business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Yes, we can choose to have the customer support system open for a set period of hours, but I’ll show you a way around that where you’ll appear to be open even when you’re sleeping or taking a shower.

The advantages of starting an online business is tremendous.  Imagine if Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford had the internet.  Imagine what life would be like for us if after Ford created the high efficiency of his productive methods and it was on the internet for General Motors, for Cadillac to mimic.  Eventually we know that they did, but what if they got this information faster?  What if there was another Ford out there who had access to his concepts and thought of another, more efficient way to do things?  Would we have hoverboards by now (yes, I’m still waiting Mattel)?

The power of starting an online business far outweighs starting a brick & mortar business.  Less capital, less frustration, less paperwork, and even less commitment.  If an online business doesn’t work, you can easily move onto something else. You can devote 16 hour days to your online business, or you can put in only 2 hours.  The freedom to choose is yours.  And if your online business is a success and you feel there can be a way to transition this to a brick & mortar business, then great!  The whole idea is just to start.

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