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by Levi Leyba

I wish there was more time in the day.  But then again, perhaps I’m not managing my time as effectively as I should be.  Gary Vaynerchuk always states that not having any time is not an excuse.  You can see his short video here with what he does with his spare time when someone says they don’t have time.  So, for me to say I don’t have time is the same reason why all of us feel that we do not have the time—it’s because we are not making what we want a reality.

Look, we all see the guy or the girl who made it.  We see them with their fancy cars, their jewelry, their trips to places other than Disneyland with the family, and we want it.  We want what they have.  We even convince ourselves that we would give everything to have their money and their lifestyle.  But you know what? I’m here to tell you that you won’t give everything.  If you think so, well, you’re lying to yourself and you are not getting anywhere in life with that thinking.  You’re still working the same job, going to school, sitting in traffic, blah, blah, blah.  We must have heard it a thousand times.  The only thing that we have to give in order to get what we want is our time.  And for me to tell you that starting a business and having it be successful overnight will be a flat out lie.  In fact, it might not even be a year before you really start to make things happen.  Time, it’s all we have to give.  Since I showed you a video by Gary Vaynerchuk on spare time, here’s another one on There’s Plenty of Time to Get Shit Done.

I definitely did not want for this introduction to be started this way but I had to be honest with each and everyone of you. I know that I screw around a little on the internet.  I visit the Chive, I visit Reuters to see what it going on in the world.  I try not to but it’s just too tempting.  So what I do to remedy this situation is to have motivation.  I must have the biggest motivation to do what I need to do to finish my goals.  My motivation will not be your motivation, so go find it.  It can be your kids, that house you always wanted, or the trip to Costa Rica.  Whatever it is, make it from your heart so that you have feeling in it.  And then tell someone.  Anyone.  Tell them so when you start to slip or when you do not fulfill your goal, you’ll feel like shit.  You’ll feel embarrassed.  And maybe that will be motivation in itself.

A few weeks ago I conducted a poll online and through social media with what business people wanted to see started.  My goal was to start a business from scratch, and take my readers on through the process so they can see firsthand what it takes to launch a business.  I wanted to show them the problems that are typically found with starting and running a business in their spare time so they do not have to quit their day job until they start to make enough money to say adios to their old career.  I wanted to provide the instructional bible with how to start an online business and not a brick and mortar business until they see it beneficial for doing so.

The one thing that I witness when people start a retail business that has a storefront is that they bet their life savings on an idea before even testing to see if that idea would work.  I’m a big fan of copying people’s ideas and making it my own, but to start a retail business without having any concept of whether or not your product or service will even sell, is to me far fetched.  Perhaps it’s because I recognize that we now live in an era where we can start a business from our mobile phones and test the market before spending any money.

As the title already told you, the business that most people wanted to see me start is a White Label (WL) Business. For those of you who do not know, a white label business is a business that allows you to place your logo and branding over their existing product or service.  For example, if you read my bio on this site, you will know that I buy and sell domains as a hobby.  In order for me to do so at the lowest possible price, I decided to be a reseller of Godaddy’s products.  A little ironic because Godaddy is a reseller of domains from ICANN, so I’m a reseller of a reseller.  Back to WL Businesses with Godaddy; in exchange of setting up an account with Godaddy (and paying their annual fee), I was able to get a website offering domains, hosting, email, SSL certificates, etc. with my logo and branding.  You can go to Square Dick to see what I’m talking about.  This is really a Godaddy platform with my information.  This is a white label business.

So I’ve given this much thought and decided that I could achieve my message in the most direct way by breaking up this process into approximately 8 weeks of info with 4 lessons each week.  I will take you from the preparation, to knowing the market, to planning, to marketing, you name it.  I will not be picking a domain reseller business to show you because I already know how to do that.  I want to choose a business that I have no idea with how to start so that when I come across problems and fail (because I will), I will show you how to look for ways to circumvent those failures and see the hidden opportunities with each lesson.

The next post that you will see will be inside the Preparing to Launch a White Label Business—Chapter 1: Why go online versus brick and mortar with starting a business? – Lesson 01.

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